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30″ x 21″ x 10″

The world’s first and only suitcase with a pop-up, click-into-place garment rack built right into the frame of the suitcase. The Travel Angel is one piece. No assembly is required.

This suitcase features a telescoping titanium garment rack which expands and clicks into place when you’re ready to hang your clothes. Instead of utilizing a suitcase as a box on wheels, your upright suitcase blooms instantly into a personal, portable closet. When it’s time to pack up, the garment rack retracts smoothly into place and is stowed in the frame of the suitcase.

The large Travel Angel is perfect for holding all of your clothing and personal travel items.

A front zipper panel opens to the main compartment allowing you access to the contents of your suitcase even while in its upright position!

Finally – your suitcase does everything you need it to. It becomes a closet for the organized and prepared traveler.

The front pocket is removable for monogramming. Embroider your initials or name on your suitcase to make it distinctively yours!

The Travel Angel is available in two sizes – buy the set and be prepared for any weekend trip or longer journey! Gone are the days of rifling through a box on the floor. This luggage enhances your clothing experience while you are on vacation. Display all of your garments in an attractive and accessible way!


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