How is the Travel Angel different from other suitcases?

The Travel Angel is a suitcase with a pop-up and click-into-place garment rack! The Travel Angel is a patented product developed for travelers on the go to easily organize and hang their garments upon arriving at their destination. It is absolutely one of a kind. The garment rack stows away until you need it, then it slides up and clicks into place. The Travel Angel is on four spinner wheels, which makes it convenient to roll the mobile closet in and out of different areas, even while in use. When The Travel Angel is in use as a garment rack, you can still use the suitcase! A front zipper panel allows access to the contents of the suitcase!

Is The Travel Angel available now?

Yes, The Travel Angel is now available for shipping! Purchase yours today!

How many items of clothing can I hang on The Travel Angel?

The large Travel Angel hangs about 8-10 dresses or suits. The carry-on Travel Angel hangs about 6-8 dresses or suits.

Can I have The Travel Angel customized with my name or logo?

Yes, you can remove the front pocket and monogram your name or initials! Make your luggage distinct and stand out from the rest of the duds in the baggage claim area!

Is The Travel Angel sturdy?

Yes, The Travel Angel is sturdy. Think of it as a portable, rolling garment rack. Our design is so unique that we hold the patent!

Does the carry-on sized Travel Angel fit in an overhead compartment on an airplane?

Yes, you can take the carry-on sized Travel Angel on an airplane and store it in the overhead compartment!

Will the large Travel Angel fit as checked luggage on an airplane?

Yes, airlines will check the large Travel Angel!

Will you ship The Travel Angel overseas?

Yes, we now ship to Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom!